Tuesday, 17 September 2013

See your goal... Understand the obstacles..

See your goal.. 
Understand the obstacles..
Clear your mind of doubt.. 
Create a positive mental picture.. 
Embrace the challenge.. 
Stay on track.. 
Show the world you can do it..

Some of the hardest thing to do...

 Some of the hardest thing to do...
To move-on with your own 
with an empty heart...
To smile even if deep inside..
you are in pain..
To let go of the person 
you wanted to be forever..
To accept the reality that 
you are never meant to be.. 
To make the right decisions 
at the right time.. 
 for the right reasons..

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude

 Nothing can stop the man 
with the right mental attitude 
from achieving his goal.. 
nothing on earth can help 
the man with the wrong mental attitude..

 Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, 17 August 2013

If you want to be successful..

  If you want to be successful..
  you must respect one rule:

 Paulo Coelho

Real men don't love the most beautiful girl in the world..

 Real men don't love the most beautiful girl 
in the world.. they love the girl
 who can make their world 
the most beautiful ..

Some relationships are like Tom & Jerry..

                      Some relationships are like                                              Tom & Jerry.. 
                         They tease each other
                        and irritate each other..
                       knock each other down.. 
              but can't live without each other...

Take chances.. make mistakes..

 Take chances.. make mistakes.. 
That's how you grow..
 Pain nourishes your courage..
 You have to fail in order 
to practice being brave..
 Mary Tyler Moore

5 Way To Be Strong In Hard Times...

 5 Way To Be Strong In Hard Times..

1.. Remember hard times 
don't last forever..
2.. Remember every struggle in life 
only makes you stronger..
3.. Stay positive with all your 
positive thoughts..
4.. Find the right person to be with you..
5.. Learn to smile through the hard times..

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Choosing to be positive ...

                                            Choosing to be positive 
                 and having a grateful attitude 
                          is going to determine 
             how you're going to live your life...
                                                                    Joel Osteen

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

You can't reach for anything new..

You can't reach for anything 
new if your hands are still full 
of yesterday's junk..

Louise Smith.

A strong positive mental attitude ..

 A strong positive mental attitude
 will create more miracles 
than any wonder drug...

Patricia Neal

Don't tie your heart to a person who has nothing to offer you..

 Don't tie your heart to a person 
who has nothing to offer you..
 Let it go.. It might hurt 
for a while but when you get over it..
 you'll see it gets better..

To love is to risk..

 To love is to risk..
 not being loved in return..
 to hope is to risk pain..
 to try is to risk failure..
 but risk must be taken 
because the greatest hazard 
in my life is to risk nothing... 

Leo Buscaglia

Associate yourself with people of good quality..

 Associate yourself with
 people of good quality.. 
for it is better to be alone 
than in bad company...

Booker T. Washington

There are no secrets to success..

 There are no secrets to success..
 It is the result of preparation.. 
hard work.. and learning from failure..

Colin Powell

Start everyday with a new hope..

 Start everyday with a new hope.. 
leave bad memories behind 
and have faith for a better tomorrow..

People with good intentions make promises..

  People with good intentions
 make promises but people 
with good character KEEP them..

When defeat comes..

 When defeat comes.. 
accept it as a signal that
 your plans are not sound.. 
rebuild those plans..
 and set sail once more 
toward your coveted goal..

Napoleon Hill

The first person on your mind the moment you wake up..

 The first person on your mind 
 the moment you wake up 
after a long sleep is 
the reason for either your 
happiness or your pain..

Success is a beautiful place...

 Success is a beautiful place.. 
and only those who never give up 
will get the chance to be there..

Be careful with your words..

 Be careful with your words.. 
once they are said.. 
they can only be forgiven.. 
not forgotten..

Monday, 22 July 2013

You cannot hang out with negative people ...

  You cannot hang out with negative people 
and expect to live a positive life...

Joel Osteen

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.. Be happy now..

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.. 
Be happy now..
Don't wait for something outside of yourself 
to make you happy in the future..
Think how really precious is the time you have to spend..
whether it’s at work or with your family...
Every minute should be enjoyed and savored..

Earl Nightingale

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Never allow yourself to be so desperate ...

  Never allow yourself to be so desperate
 that you end up settling for
 far less than what you deserve..

Every struggle in your life has shaped you ...

Every struggle in your life has shaped you 
into the person you are today.. 
Be thankful for the hard times..
they have made you stronger..

Never stop doing little things for others...

 Never stop doing little
 things for others..  
Sometimes those little things 
occupy the biggest part 
of their heart..

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

There's a story behind every person...

 There's a story behind every person..
 There's a reason why 
they are the way they are.. 
Think about that before 
you judge somebody..

Be mindful of what you throw away...

 Be mindful of what you throw away..
  be careful of what you push away..
 and think hard before you walk away..

Don't let the sadness of your past ..

 Don't let the sadness of your past 
and the fear of your future ruin 
the happiness of your present..  
Stay positive because 
today could be the best day of your life..

Ask yourself if what you're doing today...

 Ask yourself if what you're doing today
 is getting you closer to 
where you want to be tomorrow..

Monday, 8 July 2013

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.....

  Life is too short to wake up with regrets....
So love the people who treat you right...
Forget about those who don't...
Believe everything happens for a reason...
If you get a chance..Take it..
If it changes your life...let it...
Nobody said life would be easy...
they just promised it would most likely be worth it...
Harvey MacKay...

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The only difference between...

 The only difference between
 A Good Day And A Bad Day 
Is your ATTITUDE..

Life isn't meant to be easy ..

 Life isn't meant to be easy .. 
It's meant to be lived.. 
sometimes happy.. 
other times rough.. 
but with every up and 
down you learn lessons 
that make you strong...

People only bring up your past...

 People only bring up your past  
when they are intimidated 
by your present..

Failure should be our teacher..

 Failure should be our teacher.. 
not our undertaker..
Failure is delay.. not defeat..
It is a temporary detour..
 not a dead end. 
Failure is something 
we can avoid only by saying nothing..
 doing nothing.. and being nothing...

Denis Waitley

Challenges makes you more responsible..

 Challenges makes you
 more responsible.. 
Always remember that 
life without struggle
 is a life without success.. 
Don't give up and
 learn not to quit..

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Your past does not determine who you are...

 Your past does not determine 
who you are..
Your past prepares you 
for who you are to become. ..
Joel Osteen.

Don't sit down and wait for ...

 Don't sit down and wait for 
the opportunities to come..
 you have to get up and make them..
 Madame C. J. Walker.

Anyone can run away...

  Anyone can run away..
  It's super easy..
Facing problems and 
working through them..
 that's what makes you strong..

The reason most people never reach their goals is...

 The reason most people 
never reach their goals is 
that they don't define them..
or ever seriously consider them 
as believable or achievable..
 Winners can tell you where they are going..
what they plan to do along the way..
and who will be sharing 
the adventure with them... 
Denis Watley

If you want to feel rich..

 If you want to feel rich.. 
just count the things you have
 that money can't buy..

Your Beliefs don't make you a Better Person..

 Your Beliefs don't make you 
a Better Person 
your Behavior does..

You must take personal responsibility...

 You must take personal responsibility..
You cannot change the circumstances..
 the seasons.. or the wind..
but you can change yourself.. 
That is something you have charge of..
Jim Rohn

Life is too short to stress yourself...

  Life is too short to stress yourself 
with people who don't even deserve 
 to be an issue in your life..

You have to get hurt.. That's how you learn..

 You have to get hurt..
 That's how you learn..
The strongest people out there..
 the ones who laugh the hardest 
with a genuine smile..
those are the people who 
have fought the toughest battles..
 Because they've decided that 
they're not going 
to let anything hold them down..
 they're moving on..
Charlie Drixonn

Surround yourself with people ...

  Surround yourself with people 
 who bring out the best in you..

I've learned that things change..

 I've learned that things change..
 people change..and it doesn't mean 
you forget the past or try to cover it up.
It simply means that you move on
 and treasure the memories..
Letting go doesn't mean giving up..
it means accepting
 that some things weren't meant to be..

Lisa Brooks

With everything that has happened to you..

 With everything that has happened to you..
you can either feel sorry for yourself 
or treat what has happened as a gift..
Everything is either an opportunity to grow 
or an obstacle to keep you from growing.. 
You get to choose...
Dr.Wayne Dyer

Monday, 10 June 2013

One beautiful heart is better than thousand beautiful faces..

 One beautiful heart is better than 
thousand beautiful faces..
So choose better people having 
beautiful heart rather than faces..

Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity ..

 Each problem has hidden 
in it an opportunity ..
so powerful that it literally
 dwarfs the problem..
The greatest success stories
 were created by people
 who recognized a problem 
and turned it into an opportunity... 

Joseph Sugarman