Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sometimes... you have to run away from the people you love..

you have to run away
 from the people you love... 
not for the sake of letting 
them realize your worth... 
but for you to realize your own worth..

To succeed you need to find....

 To succeed you need to find 
something to hold on to..
 something to motivate you...
 something to inspire you...
 Tony Dorsett

' I trust you' is better than 'I love you '.....

 'I trust you' is better than 'I love you,' 
because you may not always trust
 the person you love
 but you can always love 
the person you trust..

Find comfort if you must but find it in some tangible duty..

  Find comfort if you must 
but find it in some tangible duty..
It is comfort in obligations 
that demand the sweat of one's soul
 that matters in the battle for success
 and achievement in life...
 Magati Obebo

Don't judge someone just because...

 Don't judge someone 
just because they sin 
differently than you…

Everything happens for a reason...

 Everything happens for a reason..
Sometimes its just hard to see 
what that reason is..

The secret of success.. right attitude...

 The secret of success.. 
right attitude...
 positive thinking and 
belief in oneself..

One of the most difficult tasks in life is..

 One of the most difficult tasks 
in life is removing someone 
from your HEART..

Don't wait until everything is just right...

 Don't wait until everything is just right... 
It will never be perfect... 
There will always be challenges... 
obstacles and less than perfect conditions.. 
So what.. Get started now.. 
With each step you take,..
you will grow stronger and stronger... 
more and more skilled... 
more and more self-confident 
and more and more successful....
Mark Victor Hansen

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Let someone love you just as you are..

 Let someone love you just as you are..
As flawed has you might be.. 
as unattractive as you might feel... 
as unaccomplished 
as you might think you are... 
let someone love you just as you are... 
And let that someone be you..
  Sandra Kring

Whatever you do good or bad people will always...

 Whatever you do good or bad 
people will always have 
something negative to say..

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life...

 Sometimes struggles are exactly 
what we need in our life...
If we were to go through our life 
without any obstacles.. 
we would be crippled... 
We would not be as strong 
as what we could have been.. 
Give every opportunity a chance.. 
leave no room for regrets..


You can't change what you have started..

You can't change what you have started....
but you can change the direction you are going..
It's not what you are going to do.. 
but its what you're doing now that counts ..
Napoleon Hill

Saturday, 26 January 2013

The best relationship are...

 The best relationship are
 when you can lay with each other 
and just talk about anything and everything..

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Never give up.. Failure and rejection ..

 Never give up..
Failure and rejection are only
the first step to succeeding..

Honestly...I don't have time ..

 Honestly...I don't have time 
to hate people who hate me...
because I'm too busy loving people
 who love me..

The most successful people started from NOTHING. ..

 The most successful people
 started from NOTHING... 
They didn't wait for 
the opportunity to knock 
but created the opportunity on their own..
  worked hard and made history...

In life you will realize that there is a purpose for everyone you meet..

 In life you will realize that there
is a purpose for everyone you meet..
 Some will test you and some will use you.
some will teach you
 and some will amuse you..
 But most important are the ones
 who bring out the best in you..
 respect you and 
accept you for who you are..
 Those are the ones 
worth keeping around...



Relationship is not holding hands ...

 Relationship is not holding hands 
while you understand each other... 
It's about having lots of misunderstandings 
and still not leaving each other's hands..

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

If you believe in yourself ...

If you believe in yourself 
and believe that you are worthy... 
whatever you focus on
 with all of your mind and 
pursue with all of your heart.. 
you will achieve...

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Positive thinking is nothing unless..

 Positive thinking is nothing unless
 you take a positive action.. 
An action is nothing unless you face challenges and rejections... 
Think positively.. plan creatively and 
act differently is the way of success..

Fight for the people and the things you love..

 Fight for the people and 
the things you love..
  no matter what tasks or 
risks you may face..
 it will be worth it...

Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to ..

 Be careful who you trust
 and tell your problems to..
 Not everyone who smiles 
at you is your friend..

Success is waiting for those who are ready to persist..

 Success is waiting for those 
who are ready to persist and 
face the obstacles in the path 
with positive attitude...

Being with no one is better ..

 Being with no one is better 
than being with the wrong one..
 Sometimes,...those who fly solo
have the strongest wings..

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice ..

 Everything in your life
 is a reflection of a choice 
you have made. 
If you want a different result..
  make a different choice..

A relationship has its up and downs...

A relationship has its up and downs..
 but when you've been through
 so much with each other..
 all the arguments.. fights and conflict seem 
to be the glue to keeping the relationship going..
 you can't have love without a little pain..
but if the bond is strong enough to overcome 
its obstacles then its worth fighting for..



Don't let negative and toxic people ...

 Don't let negative and toxic people 
 rent space in your head...
 Raise the rent and kick them out..
Robert Tew

The people with the biggest hearts suffer the most..

 The people with the biggest 
 HEARTS suffer the most..

I don't want the perfect relationship..

 I don't want the perfect relationship..  
because perfect is impossible... 
I want trustworthy.. 
honest.. loyal and love..
I love imperfections.. 
I don't want perfect... 
I want worth it...

Everything around us is made up of energy....

 Everything around us is made up of energy..
To attract positive things in your life..
Start by giving off positive energy..

Never let your tears

 Never let your tears 
and sensitivity blind you..
If someone hurt you..
 they showed you who they are... 
Stay strong.. keep moving...

To be nobody but yourself in a world...

 To be nobody but yourself in a world..
That's doing its best to
 make you somebody else...
Is to fight the hardest battle 
you are ever going to fight..
Never stop fighting...
E. E. Cummings

Don't judge me by my past..

 Don't judge me by my past..
 I'm not in the past anymore..
Accept me for who I am 
because this is me 

Sometimes you have to do ..

 Sometimes you have to do 
what's best for you and your life..
  not what's best for everyone else...

There comes a time in your life...

 There comes a time in your life... 

when you walk away from all the drama 
and people who thrive on it..

surround yourself with people 
who make you laugh...

Forget the bad.. and focus on the good...

Love the people who treat you right...

and love the ones who don't from a distance...

allowing them to BE in their own way..

 Life is too short to be anything but happy...

Falling down is a part of life... 

getting back up is living..

what you did yesterday is who you are...

 what you did yesterday 
is who you are... 
but what you do tomorrow 
is who you will become..

Friday, 18 January 2013

They judge you now, but they will need you someday...

 They judge you now...
 but they will need you someday.
 They ignore you now...
  but they will chase you someday.
 That's life. Sometimes you don't give 
someone a reason to dislike you; 
they just do it out of pure insecurities. 
You can't share your blessings 
with everyone because a lot of people just hate
 to see you doing better than them.
 If they talk bad about you..
  make sure your smile is bigger
 and brighter when they're around...

Don't give up just because..

 Don't give up just because
 of what someone said...
 Use that as motivation push harder..

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. .

 Life is too short to wake up with regrets.. 
So love the people who treat you right..
Forget about those who don't. 
Believe everything happens for a reason.. 

Harvey MacKay

Two people don't have ...

 Two people don't have 
to be together right now..
 in a month.. or in a year.. 
If those two people are meant to be...
then they will be together somehow
 at sometime in life..

People never remember the MILLION times you help them..

 People never remember
 the MILLION times you help them.. 
just the ONE time you don't..

No matter who you are.. No matter what you do... you absolutely...

 No matter who you are..
No matter what you do..
 you absolutely... 
positively do have the power to change...
Bill Phillips.

If you didn't hear it with your own ears ..

 If you didn't hear it with your own ears 
or see it with your own eyes... 
Don't invent it with your small mind 
and share it with your big mouth ....

Don’t fall in love with someone who says the right things..

Don’t fall in love with 
someone who says the right things... 
Fall in love with someone 
who does the right things...

A strong woman is one ...

A strong woman is one 
who feels deeply and loves fiercely.
Her tears flow just as
 abundantly as her laughter..
A strong woman is both soft and powerful..
she is both practical and spiritual...
A strong woman in her essence 
is a gift to the world...

Never give up until you've given out ...

 Never give up until you've given out 
all your very best...
It's better to fail trying than wondering...
What could have happened if you tried....

You will only begin to heal ...

 You will only begin to heal 
when you let go of past hurts...
Forgive those who have wronged you 
and learn to forgive 
yourself for your mistakes....