Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Relationship is not about the age..

          Relationship is not about the age..
                  not about the distance..
               not about communicating
               every moment of everyday..
               what's important is having
                 TRUST and LOYALTY..
        The trust of a woman to her man..
      and the loyalty of a man to his woman...

A positive attitude lead to happiness ..

 A positive attitude lead to happiness 
and success and can change your whole life..

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands..

 The ultimate measure of a man
 is not where he stands
 in moments of comfort and convenience..
but where he stands at times 
of challenge and controversy...
Martin Luther King

No matter how bad things get....

 No matter how bad things get..
Just keep going..
You only fail when you give up..

If you mean a lot to someone....

 If you mean a lot to someone..
they will keep you in their life..
If not..move on..
Don't waste your time on someone 
who doesn't care..

We never really learn from...

 We never really learn from
 the first mistake or the second or third ..
It only hits us 
when we're given the last chance..

Sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned....

 Sometimes life doesn't go
 the way you planned..
That doesn't mean you have to give up..
It just means you have push harder 
for what you want..

Success knocks on the doors of those who are brave..

 Success knocks on the doors 
of those who are brave..

The only way to get BETTER..

 The only way to get BETTER
 is to surround yourself 
with BETTER people..

Don't let anyone kick you down..

 Don't let anyone kick you down..
  but if they do..don't be afraid 
to pick yourself up 
and dust yourself off..

Appreciate what you have before..

Appreciate what you have 
before it becomes what you had..

Successful people tend to become more successful ..

Successful people tend 
to become more successful 
because they are always thinking
 about their successes..
Brian Tracy

Pain never really goes away..

Pain never really goes away..
  you just elevate and get used 
to it by growing stronger..

If you realized how powerful ..

 If you realized how powerful 
your thoughts are..
You would never think a negative thought..
Peace Pilgrim

When two people really care..

  When two people really care
 about each other.. 
they will always look for a way
 to make it work.. 
no matter how hard it is..

When life is sweet..

When life is sweet..  
say thank you and celebrate... 
And when life is bitter..
  say thank you and grow..
 Shauna Niequist

Follow your dreams, and never quit.

  Follow your dreams.. and never quit..
 Everyone has an equal opportunity 
to be successful..

Whenever you feel down and discouraged..

 Whenever you feel down and discouraged.. 
Just tell yourself that things will get better..
Keep Believing in Yourself..

If you spend too long holding on to the one ...

 If you spend too long holding on to
 the one who treats you like an option.. 
you'll miss finding the one 
who treats you like a priority..

Two Things Help Success in Life :

Two Things Help Success in Life : 
The way you MANAGE
 when you have nothing... 
The way you BEHAVE 
when you have everything..

Fear is a waste of precious time...

  Fear is a waste of precious time..
 for time is something
 that can't be earned or created.. 
but it can surely be destroyed..
 Fear creates hesitation 
and hesitation creates failure..
 Success comes from those 
who view each day as an opportunity
 to come one step closer 
to achieving their goals..
Allen Steble

Everyone comes into your life for a reason..

 Everyone comes into your life for a reason..
  some for good or bad..
  they may shape us, break us..
 but in the end they make us who we are..

Failure is not a reason for you to stop trying...

 Failure is not a reason for you
 to stop trying..
It is actually a reminder 
that you should keep going..

Never give up one thing...

 Never give up one thing
 if you think you can fight for it .. 
It's difficult to wait 
but it's more difficult when you regret..

Nothing hurts more than being ..

Nothing hurts more than being 
disappointed by the single person 
you thought would never hurt you..

Respect people's feelings..

 Respect people's feelings..
Even if it doesn't mean anything to you..
It could mean everything to them..

Be proud of who you are..

 Be proud of who you are..
 embrace who you were.. 
look forward to who you will become.. 
Your choices.. good and bad are 
what created the lifestyle you live 
and the image you have..

You can't have a relationship without any fights..

 You can't have a relationship 
without any fights..
 but you can make your relationship 
worth the fight..

"Positive attitudes create a chain reaction of positive thoughts...

 Positive attitudes create 
a chain reaction of positive thoughts..

Nobody is worth your tears ..

 Nobody is worth your tears 
and the one who is won't make you cry..

Words and hearts should be handled ..

 Words and hearts should be handled 
with care for words when spoken 
and hearts when broken are the hardest
 things to repair..

It's true when they say old habits..

 It's true when they say old habits
 are hard to break
but you'll always remain nothing 
more than my most tempting mistake..

Success always hugs you in private...

 Success always hugs you in private...
But .. Failure always slaps you in the public..

No matter what happens.

 No matter what happens..
no matter how far 
you seem to be away from 
where you want to be.. 
never stop believing that 
you will somehow make it..
Have a unrelenting belief 
that things will work out.. 
that the long road has a purpose..
 that the things that you desire
 may not happen today..
but they will happen..
Persist and persevere..
your desired path remains possible..

Anyone can come into your life ..

Anyone can come into your life 
and say how much they love you 
but it takes someone really special 
to stay in your life and show
 how much they love you..

When you fail at something ...

 When you fail at something ..
never think that you cannot get up 
and move forward..
It just means that you have not learned 
what you are supposed to learn..
Always remember ... 
Life is  a journey there is 
so much to learn and 
so much to explore..

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

                                        You have to fight through 
                        some bad days to earn 
                      the best days of your life..

Everyday there's an opportunity ..

 Everyday there's an opportunity 
waiting to be discovered..

You're going to come across people...

 You're going to come across people
 in your life who will say all the 
right words at all the right times... 
But in the end.. it's always their actions you should judge them by..
 It's actions.. not words..that matter..
Nicholas Sparks

One of the hardest decisions ..

 One of the hardest decisions 
you will ever have to make is 
when to stay and try harder or 
when to just take your memories 
and walk away...

Sometimes the things you complain most ..

 Sometimes the things you complain most 
about are the things you care most about.. Unfortunately.. we don't always 
know that until it's too late..

Monday, 11 February 2013

There's no need to rush..

 There's no need to rush.
If something's meant to be.. 
it'll happen.. In the right time.. 
with the right person.. 
and for the best reason..

When you make a positive impact in someone else's life..

When you make a positive impact 
in someone else's life..
You also make a positive impact 
in your own life...

Never look back ..We have all been hurt ...

 Never look back ..
We have all been hurt 
but we must use it as a reason 
to grow stronger..
Put the past behind you 
and focus on the future..
Be the best that you can.. 
Give them a reason to regret leaving you 
because they surely didn't deserve you..

there are time when we are tired.fed-up and feel like giving up..

There are times when we are tired...
fed-up and feel like giving up..no matter what happen...
just think of how great  it will be
when finally get what you have hoped...
aimed and wished for to happen..
look at the sunnier..brighter and lighter side of life..

Nothing is impossible in this world..

 Nothing is impossible in this world..
Anything can be done with confidence...

No one has the right to judge you..

 No one has the right to judge you.. 
because no one really knows 
what you have been through.. 
They might have heard the stories..
 but they didn't feel 
what you felt in your heart..

Don't worry about hard times because ...

 Don't worry about hard times because 
some of the most beautiful things
 we have in life 
come from changes & mistakes ..

Love is not about finding the right person...

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 Love is not about finding the right person..
But creating a right relationship..
It s not about how much love you 
have in the beginning..
but how much love you build till the end..

Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional.....

 Never apologize for being
 sensitive or emotional..
Let this be a sign that 
you've got a big heart and
aren't afraid to let others see it..
Showing your emotions is a sign of strength...